Kitchener Rangers announce Board of Directors, Executive Committee for 2017-18


The Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club hosted its Annual General Meeting on Monday, September 11th, 2017 at The Aud.

Of the 14 candidates nominated, 13 Directors were newly elected (italicized) for a three-year term to complete the 39-member Board of Directors for the 2017-18 season.

There were 118 members in attendance (254 who voted) with 136 voting by proxy.


2017-18 Kitchener Rangers Board of Directors

1. Chris Bach
2. Doug Bergman
3. Anne Boehm
4. Craig Campbell
5. Jason Cook
6. Michael Deane
7. Pete Delorme
8. Marcus Drury
9. Rod Dunkel
10. Tom Embro
11. Jeff Emrich
12. Helen Fennell
13. James Fisher
14. Don Fraser
15. Kateri Galloway-Downie
16. Keith Gingerich
17. Kelly Gray-Gutoskie
18. Kerri Gress
19. Brian Griffin
20. Ziggy Hackl
21. Don Herner
22. Norm Leblond
23. Sean Lloyd
24. Les McAuslan
25. Gary McCall
26. Randy McCarten
27. Shawn McKelvie
28. Cassandra Mills
29. David Mintz 
30. Rob Orendi
31. Alan Reinhardt
32. Ron Ross
33. Ted Scharf
34. Mark Schneider
35. Dianne Stoeser
36. Angela Taylor
37. Barry Taylor
38. Debbie Weber
39. Marlene Weber


Of the 39-member Board of Directors, a nine member Executive Committee was selected.

2017-18 Kitchener Rangers Executive Committee

President: Shawn McKelvie
1st Vice President: Michael Deane
2nd Vice President: Gary McCall
Past President: Norm Leblond
Treasurer: Les McAuslan
Secretary: Dave Mintz
Executive: Craig Campbell
Executive: Jeff Emrich
Executive: Ted Scharf

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