RBC School Tour Resumes at St. John’s-Kilmarnock

The RBC School Tour resumed Monday, January 7 as Kitchener Rangers forward Curtis Meighan and defenceman Ben Fanelli hit the road for St. John’s-Kilmarnock School in Breslau.

The players arrived bright and early and were escorted to the music room, where they were joined by the school’s kindergarten and primary students. The children were surprised to see Meighan and Fanelli, as the visit was scheduled as a surprise for the first day back to school after the holidays, and could be hear excitedly whispering about their special guests.

Ben and Curtis took turns reading from the book Brady Brady and the MVP, by Mary Shaw and Chuck Temple, making sure to flip the book around to share the illustrations with the children. After the story was over, the Rangers decided to test the students on the material, asking questions about the book and its message. Fanelli talked to the group about teamwork and the importance of cheering for your friends, while Meighan shared his story about playing at The Aud and how his fellow Rangers help encourage him.

When the players and students had finished talking about the material, the children were invited to ask questions and happily obliged, asking about the Rangers’ record, the importance of school and how many goals each player had scored. One third-grade student in the back showed himself to be a big fan when the players hesitated, trying to remember how many times they had faced Guelph this season.

“Once! Just once. But we lost,” announced the youngster, confidently.

With time winding down, each member of the audience came forward to meet Ben and Curtis and ask for an autograph. One student was especially thrilled to meet Fanelli, telling the assistant captain the he was his favourite Rangers player.

The RBC School Tour brings the excitement of Kitchener Rangers hockey to schools around the Waterloo Region. To learn more about the RBC School Tour, visit our website.

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