Connor Bunnaman and Logan Stanley make new friends on the RBC School Tour


Kitchener Rangers players Logan Stanley and Connor Bunnaman visited St. John Paul II Elementary School on Tuesday, October 17th for a Read with the Rangers session on the RBC School Tour.

Read with the Rangers is a program that focuses on the importance of literacy while having fun. Students have the opportunity to read with their favourite Rangers players, and learn a little more about the players’ experiences through reading and education.

The players discuss important lessons with the students like respect, goal-setting, sportsmanship and teamwork.

On Wednesday, Logan and Connor read Brady Brady and the MVP and Brady Brady and the Singing Tree to a group of Grade 1 students. They then took questions from the students spanning topics from what the players like to do in their spare time, to what their favourite school subjects are.

“The students had some great questions,” said captain Connor. “We told them that when we aren’t playing a game or practicing, we like to spend time with our friends, play video games and go to the movies which a lot of the students like to do, too.

“They asked so many questions that we actually ran out of time,” added Connor. “We told them what our favourite school subjects were – Science and Phys. Ed – and explained how important it was to always try your best at everything you do, whether that’s in school or in sports.”

Brady Brady and the MVP features a storyline of one of the players being offered the chance to play for a different team. Logan shared with the students that was similar to his experience, as he used to play for a different team being traded to Kitchener.

He asked the students what they would do if they had the same choice as the character from the story; stay with their current team, or accept a new adventure somewhere else?

“Most of the students answered they probably wouldn’t want to, because they didn’t want to leave their friends,” said Logan. “I told them that even though they may be sad to leave their old friends, that they would make new ones, just like I did.”

At the end of their visit, Connor and Logan were presented with a homemade card from the class, signed by all the students, as a thank you for coming to see them.

Connor and Logan both agreed, “It was very nice that they spent the time to make this for us.”

The next visit on the RBC School Tour will be a Captain’s Clinic on Monday, November 6th at St. Vincent de Paul School in Cambridge.

To learn more about the RBC School Tour, click here.

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