Henderson and Gentles make first stop of the season on the RBC School Tour


Kitchener Rangers players Kyle Gentles and Jake Henderson visited Forest Glen Public School on Tuesday, September 27th and read to Grade 2 students.

It was the first RBC School Tour appearance of the season, and the students were attentive and interested in the stories the players read to them which included ‘Brady Brady and the Singing Tree’, and ‘Brady Brady and the MVP’.

After reading the stories, Jake and Kyle fielded questions from the students, but also learned a few things themselves.

“We tried to teach the kids that it’s important to pay attention in school, but it’s also important to have fun while you learn. If you have fun learning, you’ll want to learn even more,” said Jake.

“The students taught me just how big a part of the community our team is here,” said Kyle. “I’m new to the team this year and after today, I feel more like a part of the community.”

Kyle, whose favourite subjects in school were history and math, said if a student ever came to him and was thinking about quitting school, he would try to convince them not to.

“School isn’t always easy, but it’s important,” he said. “You definitely need to stay in school. Keep studying, practicing, and working hard and you will learn what you need to learn.”

Finally, Jake summed up why he thought the RBC School Tour is important to implement in local schools.

“The RBC School Tour is unique because it allows us to really reach out to young people in the community, engaging them with both sports and education at the same time.”

To learn more about the RBC School Tour, click here.

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