Front Office Staff


Steve Bienkowski Chief Operating Officer & Governor

Adam Bramhill Director of Game Operations and Facilities
Michelle Benevides (Maternity Leave) Director of Marketing and Communications
Brad Sparkes Director of Corporate Partnerships and Sales
Zach Foss Corporate Partnerships and Ticket Sales Manager
Dan Polischuk Media and Communications Manager
Rochelle Thiel Community Events and Merchandising Manager
Cole Dow Video Editor and Motion Graphic Designer
Alex Witherspoon Graphic Designer
Ally Flinn Game Operations Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Heather Albrecht Senior Administrator of Business Operations
Christy Aubin Administrative Assistant

Mike McKenzie General Manager and Interim Head Coach
Murray Hiebert Senior Advisor, Scout
Andreas Karlsson Assistant Coach
Dennis Wideman Assistant Coach
Kain Tisi Goaltending Coach/Video Coach
Michael Zsolt Director of Hockey Operations & Analytics
Brandon Merli Director of Sports Science and Development Coach

Ray Hollowell Head Scout
Mike Bukator Director of Prospect Development
Mike Sadler Consultant and Windsor/Michigan Scout
Tark Bertrand Northern Ontario Scout
Hugh Craig Eastern Ontario Scout
Darryl Hollowell Greater Toronto Area Scout
Kenneth Kerto GTHL Midget/Free Agent Scout
Ed Roberts Central and Western USA Scout
Bill Underwood Eastern USA Scout
Jeremy Browning USA Scout
Dave Prpich Consultant
Brodie Barrick Goaltending Scout
Alex Robson Data Analyst
AJ Willison Lead Data Tracker
Wolfram Ott Lead Data Tracker
Jonathan Horrocks Data Analyst
Connor Shannon Lead Data Tracker
Evan Krikler Lead Data Tracker

Dan Lebold Head Trainer and Equipment Manager
Cory Birk Athletic Therapist
Barry Hoch Assistant Equipment Manager

Dr. Randy Bahadur Sports Medicine Physician
Dr. Nick Bayley Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Marin Duke Sports Medicine Physician
Dr. Dimitri E. Haddad Sports Medicine Physician
Dr. Frank Onuska Team Physician
Dr. Andrew Robb Sports Chiropractor
Dr. Aaron Samanta Sports Nutrition
Dr. Jill Tracey Mental Performance
Richard Ennis Team Psychologist
Dr. Fred Hurlbut Team Dentist
Dr. Doug Beaton Team Dentist
Dr. Egon Beiler Team Dentist
Dr. Rob DiMiglio Team Dentist
Dr. Rob Lenizky Team Dentist
Dr. Sandy Tse Team Dentist

Dave Tennant Academic Advisor