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Due to the situation in regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ontario Hockey League has canceled the remaining 2019/20 regular season schedule and playoffs.

Refunds have been processed for tickets purchased for the three canceled regular season games. These refunds have been processed by the Activa Box Office at the Aud.

If your tickets were purchased by credit card, the refund has been applied to the original credit card on which the payment was made. If your payment was made by debit/ cash the refund will be made by the City of Kitchener by cheque. The processing of these refunds has been completed.


Save up to 35% from the regular price!

Tickets are available in the blue section only with a minimum purchase of four tickets and a maximum of eight.


  • Online through Centre in the Square,
  • By phone by calling The Aud Box Office (519) 578-1570 or 1 (800) 265-8977, or
  • In-person at the Activa Box Office at The Aud or Centre in the Square Box Office

For more information, call the Kitchener Rangers business office at (519) 576-3700